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Guidance of watching the third round of 2017J use cup

In the case of watching games, we would appreciate your looking after the following instructions in "the third round held in jikoresei sports center (the foot ground) on Saturday, October 28 of 2017J use cup 25th J League use championship". Of all of you please cooperate.


<< the third round of 2017J use cup >>
Saturday, October 28 10:30 kick off @ jikoresei sports center (the foot ground C coat)
Cerezo Osaka U-18 vs. Mito Hollyhock use


■Watching games Aria
・Place (please watch a game in the outside of net) that you showed with the following, yellow



■Two-pole banner notice Aria
・On the day, about two-pole banner notice Aria, please notify according to instructions of person in charge.
・Please bring strings for notice.


■Watching games rule
We prohibit act as follows in the hall.
・Carry-on of musical accompaniment with instruments such as drums and use


■Parking lot
・As number includes limit, please use public transport on visit.
・On the parking lot use, please obey instructions of Guard.
・As on-the-street parking is a nuisance to neighborhood, please stop.


・All the garbage becomes take-out. I would like cooperation.
・We mention above and are careful and would appreciate your arriving.

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