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Game information

  • 2013.06.27 Non-classification

    News about Saturday, June 29 Prince Takamado cup U-18 soccer league 2013 "Premier League waist" Section 7 watching games

    Saturday, June 29 16:00 kick off @ dance bank Nippon Ham ground
    Cerezo Osaka U-18 vs. Vissel Kobe U-18


    When attack vantage point; this


    [about exercise in dance bank and game visit]
    At dance bank ground, it is prohibited about the next matter regardless of watching game from the stands, exercise visit.

    1. Support that we use whistle (flute) and loudspeaker
    2. Support that we use paper streamer, paper fubukio
    3. Alcoholic drinks, fireworks, firecracker, smoke maker to the stands, carry-on of gas Horne
    4. Entrance to natural turf ground
    5. Drink to natural turf ground and throwing in of the things
    6. Notice of two-pole banner and drop curtain for the purpose of hurting people
    7. Notice of two-pole banner and drop curtain except club-designated Zone
    8. Support of standing to watch that we are about to lean on fence of the stands front row
    9. Smoking in facilities
    10. Interchange with player except club-designated Zone
    11. Interchange with player in clubhouse parking lot


    Then, we would appreciate your observed your understanding and cooperation.
    In addition, please be careful very much in destination of ball during exercise as ground is near the stands.

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