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School coach /
Chief of school ken
Elite class coach

Ryu Saito


The date of birth: 1979.09.18

Nickname: Ryu coach


Q: Favorite player?
A: Hiroaki Morishima Toshinobu Katsuya
Q: Position good at?
Q: How long did you begin soccer? Opportunity after starting soccer?
A: 3 years old play was soccer
Q: Favorite food, hateful food?
A: There are no likes and dislikes
We like all
Q: Favorite words?
A: Yanmar Stadium staying long
Q: It is a word for school students
A: Cerezo Osaka, please.


Player career

Muroran Otani high high school
Kokushikan University
From 2002 to 2005Cerezo Osaka
From 2005 to 2006The spa Kusatsu
From 2007 to 2008FC Gifu
Participation record in total
J1 (we include cup war) 24 games 1 score
J2 (we include cup war) 72 games 2 score
JFL (we include cup war) 11 games 0 score

Main instruction career

From 2008 to 2014 Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach
2015 Chief of Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach / school
2016Cerezo Osaka U-12 coach
2017Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach and elite class Manager Shiga
2018Chief of Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach / school and elite class coach

Acquisition qualification

Football Association of Japan official recognition Class B
Instructor Football Association of Japan official recognition kids leader
Junior high school, high school teacher kind license (health and physical education)
General Cerezo Osaka gym
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