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GREETING greetings

General Cerezo Osaka gym became independent from the spread, upbringing section of Osaka F.C. and was born as overall pattern area sports club.
 We provide participation opportunity and place to wide citizen sports through various sports that assumed soccer axis for local inhabitants around Osaka-shi and will promote promotion of the healthy development of your mind and body and citizen sports.
 In addition, aiming at rich sports life, we plan upbringing reinforcement of domestic and foreign contestants and leader and will act for maintenance of higher quality safe sports environment.
 General Cerezo Osaka gym will study every day so that it is good partner of local inhabitants as soon as possible, and all the staff can come to be important for community and.
 General Cerezo Osaka gym, please.

General Cerezo Osaka gym

Cerezo Osaka Sports Club is a comprehensive regional sports club that was established as a spin-off from the Soccer Promotion and Youth Development Division of Osaka Football Club Co., Ltd.

We contribute to local communities through sports centered around soccer. To that end, we provide residents of Osaka City and surrounding areas with a wide range of opportunities and venues for participating in sport activities, thereby improving their physical and mental well-being, while also promoting local sports. To enable local residents to more fully enjoy playing and watching sports, we strive to develop players and instructors not only from Japan but also from overseas, and to create a safe, high-quality sport environment.

We do our utmost to ensure that local residents perceive our club as their strong partner as early as possible. Every staff member is determined to merit being relied upon and trusted by club members as well as local residents.

We sincerely request your continued support and assistance in our club' s activities.

Cerezo Osaka Sports Club

PROFILE profile

Corporation name

Corporate name

General Cerezo Osaka gym

Cerezo Osaka Sports Club



Representative director Isao Miyamoto

Representative Director Isao Miyamoto

The location


1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

1-2-25 Hokko-ryokuchi,Konohana-ku,Osaka, 554-0042 Japan

The establishment date

Date Founded

December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010

Form of business

Business type

Overall pattern area gym

Comprehensive regional sports club

Contents of business


(1) Business about various sports classrooms
(2) Business about upbringing of various athletes who assumed soccer axis
(3) Business about leader upbringing
(4) Business about administration and dispatch of sports leader to various groups and leader
(5) Business about dispatch of sports leader to school and leader
(6) Business about athletic meet
(7) Plan of sports and health promotion activity, business about administration
(8) Management such as sporting houses, business about administration
(9) Business about publicity work of club business
(10) Business about management administration trust of sporting houses such as administration, company group
(11) Business about setting of clubhouse and management administration
(12) Sale business such as sports articles that our corporation is independent and carries out
(13) Business about international exchange activity
(14) In addition, business that is necessary for achievement of purpose of our corporation

(1)Holding a variety of sports classes
(2)Training athletes, including soccer players
(3)Training sports instructors
(4)Dispatching sports leaders and instructors to administrative and other organizations
(5)Dispatching sports leaders and instructors to schools
(6)Planning and operating sports events
(7)Planning and operating sports and health promotion activities
(8)Managing and operating sports facilities etc.
(9)Public relations activities for the Club
(10)Entrusted management and operation of sports facilities owned by administrative organs, companies and other organizations
(11)Establishing, managing and operating the Club House
(12)Sale of sporting goods etc., conducted voluntarily by the Corporation
(13)International exchange activities
(14)Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of the Corporation

Mascot character



"Dwarf" who imaged the childhood period of team character "lobby" of Cerezo Osaka is mascot character.
"Lobby" is doing wolf which had intelligence and the alert and agile nature, solidarity power to perform hunting more in group in motif with "dwarf".

Our club' s mascot Chiby was created in the image of Lobby(Cerezo Osaka' s mascot) in childhood. Chiby and Robby are wolves, which are known for their intelligence, agility, and tendency to hunt in packs with great teamwork.



The 1998 Cerezo Osaka soccer school opening of a school, kindergarten, junior high school patrol instruction start
2002 elementary school patrol instruction start
2005 public information magazine "soccer kids" foundation of a periodical
2007 care prevention business start
Cerezo Osaka gym establishment general on December 22, 2010
April 2, 2011 "lively lively private supplementary school" opening of a course
May 8, 2011 "soccer school of adult" opening of a course
May 18, 2014 "running club BRISA" opening of a course

It is Cerezo Osaka Soccer School opened. 1998 Traveling soccer classes at kindergartens and junior high schools launched.
It is Traveling soccer classes at elementary schools launched. 2002
It is PR magazine "Soccer Kids" first published. 2005
It is Long-term care prevention services launched. 2007
It is Cerezo Osaka Sports Club established. December 22, 2010
It is Iki Iki Hatsuratsu Juku opened. April 2, 2011
It is Soccer School for Adults opened. May 8, 2011
It is Running Club BRISA opened. May 18, 2014

General Cerezo Osaka gym
(C) CEREZO OSAKA SPORTS CLUB. All Rights Reserved.

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