With forest of Cerezo

General Cerezo Osaka sports club will start by "forest of Cerezo" around clubhouse to found in dance bank sports island project. "Forest of Cerezo" project features the theme of "cherry tree" which it is Japanese heart, and is symbol of team and, around clubhouse built newly, plants young plant of cherry tree and brings up "forest of cherry tree" growing up with club, and pride of citizen and team and famous place where it is create "forest of Cerezo". In addition, citizen's all of you have fun of various sports including soccer, and family and supporter make open space that can gather filled with greenery under the shade of a tree and aim at, besides, facilities being connected by green that greatly grew thick in the future by maintaining integrally with dance bank sports island.
We want to carry out "landscape gardening" of this "forest of Cerezo" by donation from local all of you. By your power to love sports with all of you loving area, please bring up "forest of Cerezo". I would like cooperation by all means.

Clubhouse completion forecast map

From Cerezo Osaka new dance bank practice field Osaka to Asia to the world. Sea and Field full of smiles among green were born.
In addition, clubhouse, natural turf ground, artificial turf ground, nightlight facilities caught sports promotion lottery grant and were provided.

◎Facilities summary
・Clubhouse (6,200m²) / office, meeting room, locker room
・Two natural turf gridirons (38,600m²)
One <district> artificial turf gridiron out of the object about 9,000m² (nightlight facilities new establishment)
■The total cost of construction: Approximately 500 million yen ※It is targeted for the sports promotion lottery grant furtherance (the approximately 140 million yen furtherance)
■Land name: Dance bank gridiron and gridiron-related facilities site
■The location (house indication): 1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi

Dance bank practice field report

Subscription for forest project donations essential point of Cerezo

Activity name: We will let Cerezo and cherry tree bloom
Donation name: Hajime Mori iron of Cerezo
Donation target amount of money: 80 million yen

Purpose: (1) Cerezo Osaka clubhouse repair expense
   (2) Tree planting accompanied with Cerezo Osaka clubhouse construction and tree planting expense
   (3) Maintenance of (1) mentioned above and (2), management expense
   (4) Expense about subscription for donations

Menu of donation
Personal nameplate course 12,000 yen (a mouthful)

・It is notified nameplate in facilities

※We notify full name to Cerezo Osaka Sports Club homepage.
(you want and accept and can assume non-notice)

Personal cherry tree tree planting course 30,000 yen (a mouthful)

・Limited Gift presentation
・We notify nameplate in form to comply with cherry tree
For five shares joint signature (per person in the case of five shares only as for nobody
In the case of five shares, it becomes the name only for two for two people)

※One tree of cherry tree is considerable with five shares
※You want and accept and notify full name to Cerezo Osaka Sports Club homepage
(you want and accept and can assume non-notice)

Corporation, group, group course 200,000 yen (a mouthful)

・It is corporation, group, group name in facilities
Notice of plate

※We plant one tree of cherry tree by a mouthful and plant trees in the outskirts
※In Cerezo Osaka Sports Club homepage, we notify corporation, group, group name

Personal information that had you fill out contribution application uses for contribution relations duties such as communication in receipt issuance and office work and does not do use out of the purpose and offer to third party.
To nameplate of personal nameplate course, we display full name of applicant by Hepburn system of romaji notation (up to 20 characters).
To nameplate of personal cherry tree tree planting course, we display applicant name by hiragana letter, katakana, kanji, alphanumeric character (eight characters in total).
Application for contribution method

①Application (only as for the individual) in online shop

You have you choose application for donation among following HP and input necessary matter, and please choose payment method.
Apply from online shop

②Application (only as for the individual) by transfer to account for exclusive use of exclusive application +

After filling out matter necessary for exclusive application, please send exclusive application to exclusive account of mention by FAX or mail after the transfer to exclusive application at the following.
I would like transfer by exclusive application mention name on transfer.
Account name: General Cerezo Osaka Sports Club Resona Bank Osaka sales department normal 1391799
Downloading (PDF) of application

The general Cerezo Osaka gym secretariat
〒554-0042 1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi FAX: 06-6464-0085

※Of application exclusive in the one where bill is hoped for please check "bill in hope". We send bill.

Reference: General Cerezo Osaka gym
〒554-0042 1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi TEL: 06-6464-1110 FAX: 06-6464-0085

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"Let's bring up forest of Cerezo"; activity and "Hajime Mori iron of Cerezo" terms

General Cerezo Osaka sports club establishes the following terms on working on the fund-raising of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club dance bank ground and clubhouse construction expense.

Article 1 (name)
"We will let Cerezo and cherry tree bloom" and the fund-raising accepts the basic rule donation activity name and assumes account name "Hajime Mori iron of Cerezo" and puts the secretariat in 1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka public corporate judicial person Cerezo Osaka Sports Club (following "Cerezo Osaka Sports Club").

Article 2 (purpose)
We raise fund to allot for a part of construction, repair, the maintenance cost of each site in Cerezo Osaka Sports Club dance bank ground clubhouse and the site (following "dance bank facilities").

Article 3 (we work on the fund-raising)
We carry out donation activity by the next method among individual and corporation regardless of home and abroad after having written activity contents on the official homepage of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club.
(1) The Internet, account transfer, reception desk by collecting box setting
(2) Support company, donation reception desk from group
(3) Donation reception desk in Cerezo Osaka headquarters

Article 4
It is said that donation, purpose of purpose donation of donation are as follows.
(1) Dance bank facilities construction expense and tree planting with it and tree planting expense
(2) Maintenance, repair, management expense of dance bank facilities
(3) Expense about this matter donation activity

Article 5
Cerezo Osaka Sports Club manages donation, donation account, management donations such as collecting boxes, donation account, collecting box and performs accounting at the formal homepage tops. In addition, we return without Cerezo Osaka Sports Club accepting acceptance about contribution from individual, corporation, group to judge to have difficulty in administration when it has been received money.

Article 6
Change, addition and deletion Cerezo Osaka Sports Club of terms can perform change, addition and deletion of contents of these terms as needed. In addition, we shall announce terms after change on homepage of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club when we perform change, addition and deletion of these terms.

June 1, 2012 (April 1, 2013 some revision)

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