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About soccer school "enrollment, introduction campaign" of Cerezo Osaka child


Soccer school of Cerezo Osaka child will tell about "the enrollment, introduction campaign".

It is T-shirt toward the enrollee
We present backpack toward the introducer.
※Designs may be changed.
※Product changes to different product as soon as we disappear.
※We are going to announce design in the end of March.
※Size of T-shirt is as follows.
JM (youth M, 110-120cm equivalency)
JL (youth L, 130-140cm equivalency)
S (S of adult size, 160-S equivalency)
Please fill this in in the remarks column.


■ One enrolled in newly in each school after March 1, 2018 and the introducer
※It should be person that it is enrolled newly, and school was started.
※Elite class newly enrollee is excluded (but we become a target for the introducer)
※As elite NEXT may judge the enrollment in experience-based meeting, the new enrollment is limited only to passer.
※When it is not enrolled only by free trial, we are excluded.
※It is said that it is until the end of February, 2019 during period.

Application method
[in the case of introducer existence]
①The introducer hand the enrollment, introduction campaign postcard to new enrollment applicant.
②If the enrollment is decided after free trial, new enrollment applicant puts 62-yen stamp clearly stating the following necessary matter after enrollment procedure, and please mail to the post.
③If being on the register roll of the introducer and enrollment confirmation of new enrollee are possible, I hand present than charge school coach.

[in the case of introducer nothing]
①If the enrollment is decided after the free trial, you put 62-yen stamp, and please mail clearly stating matter necessary for the enrollment, introduction campaign postcard after enrollment procedure to the post. (we do not mind introducer column in blank)
②If enrollment confirmation is possible, I hand present than charge school coach.

When information listed in "the enrollment, introduction campaign postcard" has mistake, it becomes invalid. It deals with personal information that I took based on privacy policy of general Cerezo Osaka gym. With other campaigns cannot use together.

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