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[to all of large Sakanishi schools] Announcement of September exercise venue change and time change


Under the influence of typhoon No.21, the situation having difficulty in ensuring safety of exercise venue continues as we told all of you recently and is acting for repair work now.
Therefore, we will change exercise venue and exercise time as follows until it is in a situation that we can hold school safely.
I apologize to members for the inconvenience sequentially, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation as I will push forward all the staff repair work to be early, and to restart exercise at Yanmar Amagasaki ground in a day.

[exercise venue change period]
 Tuesday course: September 18 and 25/Thursday course: September 20 and 27
 ※We will inform about after October some other time.

[exercise venue]
 Amagasaki-shi Memorial Park/assistance track and field sports stadium (soil ground)
 〒660-0805 1-4-1, Nagasu-machi, Amagasaki-shi Amagasaki-shi Memorial Park
 Access is this⇒ 

[exercise time]
 Kindergarten/first grader/second grader from 17:00 to 18:00
 Third grader/fourth grader     From 17:30 to 18:45
 Fifth grader/sixth grader     From 17:15 to 18:45
 ※About cancellation decision at the time of bad weather, we will publish in homepage as usual one hour before start. 

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