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Announcement of 2019 hanasakapureya new application


We start "hanasakapureya new acceptance" of 2019 seasons.

<< with hanasakapureya >>
We will produce the only uniform which registration name and uniform number hoped for on uniform (home model) of specifications same as player were processed into when we have you propose uniform number (50-999 turn) you like and registration name of designation. And we are registered as hanasakapureya and display registration name and uniform number at player introduction corner of Cerezo Osaka official site.

■Contract (registration) period: 
Until January 31, 2020 
※We will issue notice of contract (registration) update about two months before the expiration in term of a contract

■Registration rate: 
For one person 30,000 yen (tax-included) 
※It includes hanasakakurabu membership fee and is effective from application day to term of a contract.
The details of Cerezo Osaka upbringing support club "hanasakakurabu" are this → http://www.cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp/hanasaka/
■Can register; number
50-999 turn
※As number having you register is not available anymore, thank you for your understanding.
Can register; confirmation of number is this→

■Possible registration name: 
Only as for the alphabet capital letter, it is notation {, as for ".(period)", possible} example: H. LOBBY

■Application reception desk period:
Until Saturday, February 9, 2019 10:00 - beginning of November, 2019

■Application method 
We become receptionist only in Cerezo Osaka online shop.
※Payment method can choose either of "the Cards settlement" or "collect on delivery".
For more details, it is this → http://shop.cerezo-osaka.jp/special/hanasaka/

■About delivery: 
End of March, 2019 ... occasional shipment

※As you may have to wait until next production depending on size as amount of the uniform shirt body includes limit, approve.
※ Application will be crowded very much in February and March. Please note that you usually have time for shipment about customer of newcomer than month.

[inquiry about hanasakakurabu]
E-mail: hanasaka@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp
Telephone: 06-6464-1122
Time in: 10:00-18:45 (weekdays from Tuesday to Friday)

[inquiry about uniform goods]
E-mail: onlineshop@cerezo.co.jp
Telephone: 0570-066-300
Time in: 10:00-15:00 (weekdays from Monday to Friday)

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