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Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock soccer festival 2019 held news


"Glow" of silver sponsor of Cerezo Osaka hosts
We hold "Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock soccer festival 2019".

We have you enjoy every year
Soccer festival that powered up lobby kids Festival more!
We install various booths of children's clothes brand "devirock" (Debi lock) which "glow" runs in venue!

Everybody, please participate!

"Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock soccer festival 2019"
■The date and time: March 21 Thursday (holiday) from 13:00 to 16:00 [we accept at 12:00 and are going to start]
■Place: Cerezo Osaka dance bank Nippon Ham cherry tree ground (1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)
■Participation condition: T-shirt purchase 500 yen (tax-included) /1 name state for the game participation number of people
     ※Only person who had you purchase T-shirt can participate in this event.
     ※On the day you wear T-shirt, and please participate in this event.

■Game method: Five system
■The number of the offer teams: 35 teams ※I would like participation or application by team in two or more with friend.
■It is targeted for participation: ... first grader during the kindergarten year
Apply for in detail application from "Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock soccer festival 2019" of glow homepage following application page.
・Corporate site 
・Children's clothes brand "devirock" (Debi lock) which glow runs official site
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