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※The date addition! [new 3.4 years student-limited] Announcement of Minamitsumori Sakura Park clinic April degree holding (update)


We will hold "Minamitsumori Sakura Park clinic" which soccer school coach of Cerezo Osaka instructs.
By concentrating "(control) to stop" "(kick) to reject" "(dribble) to progress" thing, and training
We polish personal technique, tactics and think that it leads to improvement in soccer level of future children.
The details are as follows. We look forward to your application.

■On the date 
Sunday, April 21  9:30-10:45 ※As it reached capacity, we raise and are finished
Sunday, April 28 9:30-10:45 ※As it reached capacity, we raise and are finished
April 29 Monday (holiday) 11:30-12:45 ※As it reached capacity, we raise and are finished


■Target school year 
New third grader (75 minutes)
New fourth grader (75 minutes)

■Holding place
Minamitsumori Sakura Park multi-purpose open space futsal coat
〒557-0063 1-2-36, Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka-shi Minamitsumori sports open space

New third grader (75 minutes)  12 people
New fourth grader (75 minutes)  12 people

■Entrance fee 
1,500 yen (it includes insurance charges, tax)
※On the day please pay to coach before clinic start in venue on the date.

■Application method 

As it reached capacity, offer was finished. Thank you for your application!

■The application deadline
Offer (it becomes the end of the application as soon as it becomes capacity) occasional on each date until the day

・Clothes which are done of soccer
・Soccer ball
・Spikes (or training shoes)
・Leg guards (shin guard)
・Water bottle, plastic bottle (as for the contents only as for the water)


■The emergency contact information on that day 
080-2546-0287 (only on the day of the clinic, available)


■About notification of rain out  
shoameketsuko (we publish cancellation decision in homepage one hour before start)

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