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[update] Announcement of "soccer school enrollment campaign 2019 of Cerezo Osaka child" enforcement


We will carry out "soccer school enrollment campaign 2019 of Cerezo Osaka child".
We will present "KISHISPO original shoes background" one toward the enrollment from April, 2019.
In addition, we prepare hitting special prize by lot.
Please enroll at this opportunity.

※"KISHISPO original shoes back" does handing over than coach in school.
※Products, special prize to present may be changed. Thank you for your understanding.
※This campaign becomes campaign from April, 2019.

The next special prize hits from new enrollee by lot.
Lobby prize 5/22 Wednesday ruvankappuesukotokizzu, flag bearer, referee escort (44) ※We close on ⇒ May 6 on the deadline on April 20
Entering robina prize player signature 4 ball ball (ten people) ※The May 31 deadline
Entering kid Prize player signature mini-ball (ten people) ※The May 31 deadline
※In three prizes, please apply for one either. To plural prizes cannot apply.
※Signature of player cannot be chosen.

※Lobby prize is limited to person who had you apply by ⇒ May 6 on April 20. Please note that each role cannot be chosen.
※Lobby prize e-mails only elected candidate Japan and Russia vina prize, little - prize on June 1 on ⇒ May 7 on May 1. robina prize, little - prize do handing over than coach in school.
※After the application deadline, we exchange with successful announcement with successful mail delivery.

[the enrollment campaign period]
Until from April 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019

■ Person (where school was started) who was enrolled in newly in school by from April 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019
※It is limited to person that school was started in April or May.
※Elite class newly enrollee is excluded.
※As elite NEXT may judge the enrollment in experience-based meeting, the new enrollment is limited only to passer.
※When it is not enrolled only by free trial, we are excluded.

Application is this

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