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May 1 school match participant guidance (targeted for ※ school straight fourth grader)


Thank you very much for usually cooperating with activity of Cerezo Osaka soccer school.
We will tell about the details holding school match that we will hold as follows on May 1.
All of you who had you apply beforehand would appreciate your participation after confirmation.

May 1, 2019 Wednesday (holiday) ※shoameketsuko (7:15 as for the rain out decision on that day)
Reception desk 8:45 ...  
Opening ceremony 9:00 ... 
Game start 9:20 
Is going to be finished; 14:30

※ By the number of participants of the day, change is possible for schedule and full time.

Minamitsumori Sakura Park sports open space
(1-2-36, Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka)

Soccer rig (school uniform, shoes, regasu), towel, change of clothes, lunch, drink and others
※ Ball prepares in organisers.
※ When you do not have school uniform, thing of each person is fine.

・It is shoameketsuko. But case that PHS is easy to slip because of heavy rain, and there might be injury or typhoon, thunder
In the case of weather which danger is accompanied by, let me do cases that ground cannot use by heavy rain of the day before with cancellation
Let's eat.
On the day decision of cancellation such as rainy weather is 7:15. We confirm homepage, portable site (gym) 
 Please give me.
・When you come by car, please use parking lot (pay) around the facilities. Please refrain from on-the-street parking.
・Fear to be allowed to have you support protector in ground, but to damage lawn including Heal
 Please refrain from entrance in a certain shoes of this. Please enter with sports shoes, sneakers.
・Passage of the ground north side, please use passage for visitor. Please do not enter passage for the person concerned.
・In the case of injury and accident, organiser takes an emergency measure, but cannot take responsibility of afterward.
・Please be careful about theft, loss of valuables, baggage respectively.
・Eating and drinking, smoking in ground is prohibition. But, in the case of hydration of player, we enable only water.
・Please take garbage home by all means.
It is 080-9921-7896 only on the emergency contact information day

The Cerezo Osaka soccer school secretariat
TEL: 06-6464-1055 (weekdays from Monday to Friday/11:00-20:00)

◆Access to venue

Person who comes by train
•To getting off at subway Yotsubashi Line "Kishinosato" station, the west. New Naniwa line to the north about 100m (about 20 minutes)
•To getting off at subway Sakaisuji Line or Nankai Main Line "Tengachaya" station, the west (about 20 minutes)
Person (Osaka municipal bus) who comes by bus
•"Namba", immediate "1, Minamitsumori" for the 29th system Suminoekoen getting off from "the Ashiharabashi station square")

Person who comes by car
•Please use parking lot (pay, 48 accommodation) of the clubhouse south side. Please stop on-the-street parking.

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