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Announcement of Director representative change


As change of Director representative was approved as follows in matter of description of title, the appointed hour general meeting of members held today (June 25, 2019) and the board of directors, we will tell.

[the retirement] Representative director Isao Miyamoto (miyamotoisao)
[new appointment] Representative director Fumihiro Kobayashi (we step on Kobayashi Hiro)

<< we step on Fumihiro Kobayashi (Kobayashi Hiro) new representative director profile >>
■The date of birth 
March 28, 1952
◇We are a graduate from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology department of engineering for 1,975 years
■Work experience
◇1975 Yanmar Co., Ltd. entering a company
◇2004 Yanmar-based plane's president
◇Manager 2009 Yanmar Co., Ltd. guarantee of quality
◇2014 Yanmar Co., Ltd. managing director operating officer global customer service unit length
◇2016 Yanmar Co., Ltd.'s managing director operating officer compact equipment division director
◇2018 Yanmar Co., Ltd. participation
◇2018 Cerezo Osaka gym supervision

■Director Representative Arata Kobayashi comment
"Thank you very much for usually supporting Cerezo Osaka Sports Club more. We will work together with the staff so that evaluation called Cerezo of "upbringing" receiving from all of you is enhanced still more. As we beat our brains in order to do new stadium planning completion of 2021 in total with place contributing best "wakuwaku" to all of you and will push forward repair, support and expectation, please

※In addition, Isao Miyamoto to retire from divides duties by stadium repair and administration duties of academy as director sequentially.

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