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Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock sponsorship "dream class 2019"


We will hold "glow" of silver sponsor of Cerezo Osaka and "dream class 2019" to host jointly.

Quite popular free child care event "glow kids program" that glow carries out
We will send in Cerezo Osaka version!

Program that "let's learn work to support ① soccer" from participating primary schoolchild or is "working experience of groundkeeper" (management of turf) which
We have you receive and will carry out "dream class by player" to the trace.

As it is very pleasant event to be able to learn that it is Cerezo Osaka, and soccer becomes known, right or wrong, everybody state, please participate!

Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock sponsorship "dream class 2019"
[enforcement day] Wednesday, August 7, 2019
[entrance fee] Free of charge
[targeted for participation] Man and woman of primary schoolchild
 ※Protector can observe to two people
[enforcement place] Cerezo Osaka dance bank ground

12:40 meeting (in front of clubhouse)

13:00-13:45 choice class
 ①We learn work to support soccer
 ②We experience job of groundkeeper
 ※We choose either

Dream class by 14:00-14:30 player
 ※Please note that you may become impossible of appearance by injuries.
  In that case, it should be enforcement by the staff.

It supports signature & photograph in 14:30-15:00 question time

It is going to be finished at 15:00

[the offer number of people] 40 people in total
①20 groups
②20 groups

[the application deadline] July 15 Monday (holiday)

[application method]
Application apply for Cerezo Osaka X Debi lock sponsorship "dream class 2019" of the following from application page.

・Corporate site
・Children's clothes brand "devirock" (Debi lock) which glow runs official site

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