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[targeted for ... third grader in the first grade] Cerezo Osaka Sports Club 2019 school camping offer guidance


Thank you very much for usually cooperating with activity of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club.
We will hold school camping by the following essential point. We perform the cause, training of Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach instruction and play this camping in meeting.
Let alone technical improvement of soccer, please experience through cohabitation in rich natural environments including BBQ and recreation with friend to meet for the first time variously.
As even person except school student can apply, brothers, friend, please participate with your friends.
※We are going to perform kids camping targeting at elementary school 1.2 years students in the middle of November. (place: dance bank plan)
As application and the details will be released later in homepage, please wait a minute now.



◆The special support
NH Foods Ltd. 

From Saturday, September 14, 2019 to September 16 Monday (holiday) 3 days and 2 nights

"Guest house will n shop" (Hidaka-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo)

"Tajima Dome" (Hidaka-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo)

◆Target school year
Elementary school 1.2.3 year student

◆The application deadline   
The Monday, September 2, 2019 13:00 reception desk deadline

49 ... third graders (in the case of a lot of applicants, we should draw lots) in the first grade
※30 minimum passenger count

◆Participation expense  
School straight 33,000 yen (including staying charges, meal charges, transportation expenses, insurance charges, consumption tax)
The public     35,000 yen (including staying charges, meal charges, transportation expenses, insurance charges, consumption tax)

We are going to hold BBQ and recreation after training on the first day
We are going to hold Cerezo Osaka soccer school University athletic meet on the second day
We are going to hold Cerezo Osaka soccer meeting hosted by school on the third day

◆Application method  
You input the following application contents, and apply for e-mail address point.
If we accept, and completion email arrives, it is soccer camping application reception desk completion.
When we accept within five days, and email of completion does not arrive, please call by all means to Nihon Kotsu.
※I would like reception setting of domain (@nihonkotsu.co.jp) by all means to receive transmission email from this.

E-mail address citybus@nihonkotsu.co.jp

Application contents  
Title 2019 Tajima school camping participation application
➀School year 
②Full name, furigana 
③Belonging school name (example staying long school Wednesday course) ※Please fill in general with "the public". 
④The date of birth, age, sex 
⑤Zip code, address 
⑥Phone number (at home)
⑦The emergency contact information (carrying) 
⑧Publication (possible no) of image 
⑨Allergic presence

◆The results of an election result
In the case of a lot of applications, it becomes lottery. By email, he/she contacts.
Toward the elected candidate, we will mail participant guide separately later.
※We inform of the results of an election by email on around Wednesday, September 4 
※We mail participant guide on around Friday, September 6

It is news from Nihon Kotsu as follows.
You have you read by all means, and apply after understanding.

・Please note that image and video which we shot at this event may be published in bulletin magazines of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club official homepage and the gym.
When it is impossible of publication, please let know at the time of application.

・We use for contacting to customer about this trip and use personal information of customer who had you approach as far as it is necessary for arrangement, procedure of service to provide in the trip that had you propose.

・Guidance (abstract) of application
※This trip depends on the following condition and our travel agency article (offer plan trip contract).
(1)Apply by email.
(2)Payment of travel expenses becomes bank transfer. We show around transfer by "participant guidance" of mail separately.
(3)When we had the total amount of travel expenses, trip contract is established.

・Thing included in travel expenses, we are not included
(1)Transportation expenses during thing ... trip to be included and the trip handling price
(2)Thing, personal miscellaneous expenses not to be included and expense during free action

・Cancellation fee
When it is canceled by convenience of customer, we charge cancellation fee in the following rate for travel expenses.
・30% of 7-2 days ago ... travel expenses of trip start
・40% of day before trip start ... travel expenses
・The day of the trip     ・50% of ・ ・ travel expenses
・After the trip start    ・・ ・ travel expenses total amount

・Change of trip contents
When climatic condition or other inevitability is unavoidable, they may change trip contents by our reason that they cannot manage.

・Special compensation
While we travel, and customer participates, about the constant damage covered with by life, body or baggage, we pay compensation money and gift of money by special compensation regulations of our travel agency article (offer type plan trip contract).

・About disclaimers
In the case of next, we do not bear responsibility of compensation.
(1)For inevitability including natural calamity in heaven and earth, labor strike, theft, injury, illness, it is thing by intention of customer or fault.
(2)Change of travel schedule to produce by act against laws and ordinances or public order and morals, delay, interruption of means of conveyance or these or shortening for destination sojourn time.

・As a general rule, tour conductor does not go together.

・About other matters, it depends on our travel agency article of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism authorization.

<trip plan, enforcement>
Nihon Kotsu
Governor of Osaka Prefecture registration travel agency No. 2-1325
Trip duties handling chief person Yuji Oguro

<inquiry about contents of camping>
The Cerezo Osaka soccer school secretariat
Reception desk 11:00-20:00 from Monday to Friday (excluded on holiday)

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