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To all of you who had you apply to clinic in 2019 Momoyama Gakuin University summer


Thank you for your participation in clinic in Cerezo Osaka soccer school 2019 Momoyama Gakuin University summer.
As you might participate in all the people who had you apply this time, I will inform. (we tell applicant even about this matter email)
Please confirm the following things on having you participate.

■The training date and time
 Three days of Thursday, August 8, 2019, 9th Friday, 10th Saturday

10:30-11:30 true for elementary school 1.2 years
10:30-11:45 true for elementary school 3.4 years

※Please enter venue 15 minutes before training start time.

■Training venue

Momoyama Gakuin University main ground
〒594-1198 1-1, Manabino, Izumi-shi, Osaka

■Parking lot

Parking lot, please use parking of free parking lot (※ 1, ※ 2) for exclusive use of Momoyama Gakuin University or neighborhood.
Please cooperate so that it is not parked as Miyanoue Park that is in university facilities is not connected with university.

■On the day you have 

・Clothes which are done of soccer
・Spikes (possible training shoes), leg guards (shin guard)
・We can drink water (water bottle, plastic bottle)   ※The contents assume only water.
・Hat (as heat stroke measures)
※As ball will prepare here, bringing is not necessary.

■About transfer of tuition

・Tuition: 5,000 yen (it includes consumption tax, insurance charges) 
※Please transfer by Saturday, August 10, 2019.

・Transfer previous engagement seat
Resona Bank ground branch ordinary account 0090030   
Cerezo Osaka Sports Club 

※You have you transfer by the name of participant (child), and please put MM before the name.
 Person of example) transfer full name: MM Osaka Taro
(please list with MM Osaka Taro Hanako when participant is two people)

※Please bear transfer fee.

■Confirmation methods such as cancellation

Please confirm on Cerezo Osaka Sports Club homepage <http://www.cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp>.
※In the case of cancellation, we will publish final decision in homepage one hour before start.

・Visit of training is in seat, please.
・Please let me participate in physical condition of child carefully.
・When we cannot but cancel clinic by weather, we will carry out transfer only for one day.
About transfer day, we contact after adjustment.
・The emergency contact information: 090-5068-3612 (only as for three days of from August 8 to August 10)

〒The 554-0042 1-2-25, Hokukouryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka-shi Cerezo Osaka soccer school secretariat
TEL: 06-6464-1055 (weekdays from Monday to Friday/11:00-20:00)

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