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Announcement of 2019 hanasakapureya new end of the receptionist and 2020 continuation privilege


As new receptionist of hanasakapureya becomes the end on Sunday, November 17, 2019 in 2019, we will tell.

In addition, you come to be able to apply for uniform of Cerezo Osaka Sakai Lady's after the second place as hanasakapureya continuation privilege additionally in 2020. Apply for 2020 Cerezo Osaka Sakai Lady's wanting in it becoming indispensable to 2019 to be hanasakapureya to become hanasakapureya from the following pages.


<Cerezo Osaka onrainshoppuhanasakapureya application page>



[to all of 2019 hanasakapureya]

We will ship guidance about continuation in "notification about contract update" and 2020 in around the end of November, 2019. We would appreciate your confirmation as soon as you have to wait for this guidance about the hanasakapureya details of Cerezo Osaka Sakai Lady's and arrive.


[about application for hanasakapureya new in 2020]

We accept newly from the beginning of February, 2020 and plan start. We will tell on homepage as soon as the details are decided.

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