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2019 Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15 selection

Guidance of Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15 selection

The date:

Primary selection

Sunday, December 2, 2018
Holding time: We start at reception desk 18:00 at 17:30 (going to be finished at 20:00)
Holding place: Hainan sports center

※On account of the club, the date, time, place may be changed.

The offer number of people:
Few name
Eligibility requirements for an examination:
・Men (from April 2, 2006 to April 1, 2007 Nissei) of sixth grader
・Getting approval from representative of existing position team by all means when we are belonging to team now.
・Joining Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15, and there being intention that player registers, and being able to participate in activity from home.
Examination expense:
3,500 yen (we include consumption tax, insurance)

But elite class being on the register roll is raw (elite NEXT does not include) and exempts only for one of the following selections.
In the case of application for multiple schools, we pay examination expense with moon fee.
(going to settle an account in January, 2019)
When example) two take an exam; 3,500 yen
  When three take an exam; 7,000 yen
・Cerezo Osaka U-15 second selection (October 21, 2018 holding)
・Cerezo Osaka west U-15 second selection (October 20, 2018 holding)
・Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15 selection (December 02, 2018 holding)

Examination contents:
We perform mainly on game form.
Arrival at exercise / regasu / spikes / drink / health insurance card ※Ball is unnecessary
In case of rain:

Rainy weather decisive action.

But we may postpone when warning was announced by typhoons.
When you are taken as postponement, please confirm respectively as on the day you guide on our HP by 14:00.
In addition, but please note that you postpone by thunder or you may cancel in the middle of selection.

※We announce correspondence of postponement, cancellation in our HP.

Application method:
Flow of Cerezo Osaka selection application
Closing date:

Entry of held selection closed on Thursday, November 22 on Sunday, December 2, 2018.

We announce pass:

We perform announcement as a result of selection on our homepage.
Only passer plans the next selection later. (we list in examinee's seat number vote in schedule)


As for "the common question about selection," please see ⇒ this.

"Other questions" are ⇒ this

Of "visit to selection of Cerezo Osaka request is ⇒ this to all of you"


※About result announcement, we do not do communication by telephone and email.

※Selection written consent and transfer of examination expense become application completion all together.
As you cannot receive selection only by entry form input, please be careful.

About email is careful (please confirm by all means)

Capacity of mailbox of e-mail address that is used reaches the upper limit, and please be careful beforehand as you cannot receive email when trouble and menthene Nance of provider are performed

It is use in carrying, smartphone e-mail address (docomo/au/softbank)

When unwanted e-mail measures are made, there is possibility that email does not arrive normally.
I would like setting to receive transmission email of (@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp) from this before the email transmission by all means.

    Contents about reception / refusal setting / unwanted e-mail setting of each portable company, please identify this

  • NTT Docomo
  • au
  • softbank

It is use with free mail (Gmail/Yahoo emails)

Automatic reply email is sent with application completion to e-mail address that had you input.

When email does not arrive though transmission completion message was displayed, there is error in e-mail address that was input, and possibility moved other than the reception folder including deletion or unwanted e-mail folder as unwanted e-mail is thought about.

When reception folder or unwanted e-mail folder do not have the reception of automatic transmission email, there is possibility that we cannot transmit and receive normally after the application decision after checking the contents mentioned above. In this case please contact the secretariat listed in "reference".

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