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2020 Cerezo Osaka soccer school
Elite class Wakayama selection

Cerezo Osaka soccer school
Guidance of elite class Wakayama selection

The date:

Primary selection

Sunday, March 08, 2020 enforcement
Holding time: We start at reception desk 18:00 at 17:30 (going to be finished at 20:00)
Holding place: Kimino-cho Sports Park multi-purpose artificial turf ground

The second selection ※Only as for the primary selection passer

■Exercise society participates in each course

※On account of the club, the date, time, place may be changed.

The offer number of people:
A few name
Eligibility requirements for an examination:

・The present fourth grader, man and woman of fifth grader. (2008/4/2-2010/4/1 birth)

・Getting approval from representative of the existing belonging team by all means when we are belonging to team now.

・Being able to participate in activity of Cerezo Osaka elite class when we pass.

Examination expense:
3,500 yen (we include consumption tax, insurance)
Examination contents:
We perform mainly on game format.
Arrival at exercise/regasu/spikes/drink/health insurance card
In case of rain:

Rain or shine.

But we may postpone when warning was announced by typhoons.
When you are taken as postponement, please confirm respectively as on the day you will guide on our HP by 15:00.
In addition, but please note that you postpone by thunder or you may cancel in the middle of selection.

※We announce correspondence of postponement, cancellation in our HP.

Application method:
Flow of Cerezo Osaka selection application
Closing date:

・The entry (entry form input completion) deadline: Friday, February 28, 2020

・Selection consent form: It must arrive by Monday, March 02

・Examination expense transfer: To Monday, March 02 money received

We announce pass:

We announce examinee's seat number in HP on Friday, March 13, 2020 and plan

We perform announcement as a result of selection on our homepage.
Only passer will plan the next selection later.


As for "the common question about elite class", please see ⇒ this.

As for "the common question about selection", please see ⇒ this.

"Other questions" are ⇒ this


※About result announcement, we do not do contact by telephone and email.

※Selection consent form and transfer of examination expense become application completion all together.
As you cannot receive selection only by entry form input, please be careful.

About email is careful (please confirm by all means)

Capacity of mailbox of used e-mail address reaches the upper limit, and please be careful beforehand as you cannot receive email when trouble and menthene Nance of provider are performed

It is the use in carrying, smartphone e-mail address (docomo/au/softbank)

When junk email measures are made, there is possibility that email does not arrive normally.
I would like setting to receive transmission email of (@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp) from this before email transmission by all means.

    Contents about reception/refusal setting/junk email setting of each mobile carrier, please identify this

  • NTT Docomo
  • au
  • softbank

It is the use with free mail (Gmail/Yahoo emails)

Automatic reply email is sent with application completion to e-mail address that had you input.

When email does not arrive though transmission completion message was displayed, there is error in input e-mail address, and possibility moved other than the reception folder including deletion or junk email folder as junk email is thought about.

When reception folder or junk email folder do not have reception of automatic transmission email, there is possibility that we cannot transmit and receive normally after the application decision after checking the contents mentioned above. In this case please contact the secretariat listed in "reference".

About entry is careful (please confirm by all means)
  • ・Application needs printout of, examination consent form.
  • ・As environmental person whom we cannot print out sends examination consent form to address done entry, apply from the entry form. In addition, as you may hang until arrival of mail for up to around one week by day and time done entry, you propose, and please be careful in the deadline.
  • ・About entry form access
    By access concentration, we may not read entry page normally. We take a pause and access again and are uncool on this occasion.


"Written consent about the personal information handling"

We act for thorough acquisition of personal information and appropriate use and management while we Cerezo Osaka Sports Club (called "our club" as follows.) recognizing importance of personal information in carrying out business about upbringing of athlete, plan of sports and health promotion activity, business about administration, and observing laws and ordinances and will meet trust of customer and social mission.

  • (1) About the acquisition of personal information
    Our club acquires personal information of customer by appropriate and fair means.
  • (2) The use purpose of personal information
    Our club will use personal information of customer in the following purpose.
    ・School straight management
    ・Membership fee management
    ・Answer to various inquiries

    In addition, we take measures not to do the use of personal information that we acquired out of the purpose.
    Our club supervises appropriate management to let you maintain secret after having performed fair investigation for the supplier concerned when we offer personal information of customer to trust supplier. 
    Our club may offer personal information of customer to trust supplier within the fair use purpose.
    We oblige trust to manage personal information severely.
  • (3) About third party offer of personal information
    Our club contributes to third party without consent of customer, and they do not disclose personal information of customer except cases to fix for laws and ordinances
  • (4) About trust of the handling of personal information
    Our club keeps accuracy of personal information and administers this safely.
    Our club observes laws and ordinances about personal information, guideline that country sets, other models and social order and acts for appropriate protection of personal information.
    Our club takes appropriate information security measures for unauthorized access, computer virus to wear loss, destruction, manipulation of personal information and leak, loss again, and to prevent loss and takes appropriate correction measures when problem occurs. 
    Our club does not let you do unnecessary carrying out of personal information, leak by transmission to the outside.
    Our club carries out protection of personal information of customer and education about appropriate management method for officer and employee and carries out the appropriate handling of personal information of customer in normal business routine thoroughly.
  • (5) Continuous improvement
    Our club arranges administrative provision about personal information protection and regime and we apply in all employees thoroughly and perform periodical review and act for continuous improvement.
  • (6) About disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of possession personal data
    Our club copes by appointed procedure after having confirmed that it is the person when we have inquiries such as request for disclosure, correction, suspension, removal and complaint consultation from customer about possession personal data of customer whom we take as far as they are rational.
  • (7) Result to produce when we do not give personal information
    It is arbitrary to give personal information. When they cannot provide a part of the information about personal information, lessons in our club may not provide service.
  • (9) Privacy policy
    Please see privacy policy of our homepage.
  • (10) References such as complaint, consultation about the handling of our personal information

※Please pay only person who agreed to the instructions item mentioned above for check.


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