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Upbringing support club "hanasakakurabu"

It is upbringing support club (personal support society) which we established for the purpose of supporting upbringing organization (use, youth use, the youth, Lady's) of Cerezo Osaka. Such thought that wants to let a lot of beautiful flowers bloom by power of many people in the future of Cerezo Osaka is put.
Intention is different from fan club (SAKURA SOCIO) for the purpose of service to supporters, information dispatch and is intended that we have you support upbringing organization in the long term with club. Club wants to support with upbringing tissue of Cerezo Osaka with with the goal of, besides, player brought up opening place of achievement in the future in the world in the Japanese team in J League together.
We completely share fee that had you cooperate with club budget and utilize to drink to support activity of upbringing organization.

Support activity contents

Expense assistance to camp and expedition, practice game, meal of upbringing organization of Cerezo Osaka.
In 2018, we carried out U-14 Thailand expedition, U-13 selection Spain expedition, U-14 selection China expedition, west U-15, Wakayama U-15 combination Korea expedition, U-15 selection Korea expedition, U-18 Netherlands expedition, U-18 Korea expedition by performing expense assistance by fee.

Upbringing organization report is this
2019Recruitment of hanasakakurabu members essential point


Fee One share of 3,000 yen (tax-included)
Expiration date From enrollment day to January 31, 2020
Object Individual, corporation, group, store

◎Application and enrollment method

Post office

Please pay money to postal payment handling vote of postal window after filling out the following necessary matter.
(postal payment handling vote becomes membership application form)

Subscriber name: hanasakakurabu
Account number: 00910-2-206432

[necessary matter]
※Please fill out communication column of postal payment handling vote
The name, address, phone number, the date of birth, sex,
E-mail address, the application number of persons


※It becomes the credit settlement.

Stadium We enroll at Cerezo corner and, school reception desk in general ticket center, are accepting
Cerezo sports park dance bank We are accepting in Cerezo sports park dance bank administration office

◎Membership benefit

(per one share nothing)

It becomes delivery of the end in the next month on application day.

※The first shipment of 2019 plans from the beginning of March to the middle.


The Cerezo Osaka hanasakakurabu secretariat
E-Mail: hanasaka@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp
Telephone: 06-6464-1122
Time in: From 10:00 to 18:45 (fire ... gold) ※ Holiday rest

Member of Cerezo Osaka upbringing sapotokurabuhanasakakurabu rule

Article 1 (name)
We set up the Cerezo Osaka upbringing sapotokurabuhanasakakurabu secretariat (called the secretariat as follows) in general Cerezo Osaka gym and run name of this meeting under the pretense of Cerezo Osaka upbringing sapotokurabuhanasakakurabu (called club as follows).

Article 2 (purpose)
Club is intended to support activity of Cerezo Osaka upbringing organization.

Article 3 (member)
1. Enrollment qualification of club does not matter.
2. Among people who enroll after approval, and applied for this rule, we do which admitted that the secretariat is suitable for the enrollment with member of club (called member as follows).

Article 4 (protector)
When person who is lower than junior high student applies for the enrollment, shall with consent of protector.

Article 5 (duty of protector)
Protector shall suffer responsibility to carry out delivery duty of fee to fix for this rule Article 6, Article 7 on behalf of member who is lower than junior high student directly.

Article 6 (fee)
1. Member must pay predetermined fee.
2. Member shall pay fee by method that club establishes.
3. Paid fee belongs to club and cannot return even if there is any reason.

Article 7 (enrollment period and continuation)
During enrollment period of member, we do with period in season when is more latest than day when we paid predetermined fee.

Article 8 (right of member)
Member has neither no right nor right to claim about assets of club.

Article 9 (withdrawal)
When member violates this rule or act to hurt honor of club is done, the secretariat shall be able to let you resign from the member.

Article 10 (change of report matter)
When change of report matter occurs to member, we shall contact the secretariat by E-email or postcard immediately.

Article 11 (administration of club)
1. The secretariat runs, and they shall carry out club.
2. Member cannot participate in decision making of running, and the secretariat carrying out.

Article 12 (prescribed change)
This prescribed change makes change procedure in the secretariat and shall contact member separately.

Article 13 (others)
Matter that this rule does not have fate shall determine detailed rules each need particularly in the secretariat.

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