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News that is held for Cerezo futsal park school clinic 2,019 years (January /2 moon /3 moon degree)

We hold soccer school Cerezo futsal park school clinic of Cerezo Osaka adult.

It is ... with soccer school of Cerezo Osaka adult

Though "we want to play soccer as we are totally inexperienced uneasy ..."
"We want to make friend as place of communication"
"Cancellation that is underexercised"
"We want to enjoy soccer in hobby degree even if we do not go to real mark"
"We want to enjoy soccer with son playing soccer"

For one called this, Cerezo Osaka soccer school coach teaches basic techniques such as control, how to carry, lifting how to kick balls carefully happily.


The date:

■January, 2019
Thursday, January 17, Thursday, January 24, Thursday, January 31

■February, 2019
Thursday, February 7, Thursday, February 14, Thursday, February 21, Thursday, February 28

■March, 2019
Thursday, March 7, Thursday, March 14, Thursday, March 28

※Less than 8 cases are called off the application number of people (as of noon 12:00 on the day before clinic holding).
In addition, we may take as cancellation when bad weather is expected beforehand.
As you send email to address that had you apply, in the case of cancellation, please confirm.

Holding time:
From 19:30 to 21:00
Holding place:

Cerezo futsal park

(〒 531-0076 5-12-39, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka)
Man and woman 18 years or older
30 people
It is for entrance fees:
Once /2, 000 yen (it includes insurance charges, tax) ※On the day please pay to coach before clinic start in venue on the date.

・Clothes which can exercise
・Training shoes / spikes (possible)
・Thing which can drink water during training

※Ball prepares here.

Free of charge
Access bus:
■Departure and arrival place: Four bridge line along Hilton plaza waist ※Neighborhood in front of BVLGARI (Bulgari)
■Service time:
] for [ Starting 19:05 → Arrival 19:20 at ground
[return] Grand starting 21:30 → Arrival 21:45
Application method:

Please apply along procedure than the following form. Reception completion email arrives after the application completion.

※I would like setting to receive transmission email of (@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp) from this by all means.

※As there is possibility that email cannot receive normally when there is not communication, please contact the secretariat.


Equipped with locker room, shower
※Parking lot, please use toll parking lot in facilities.


The Cerezo Osaka soccer school secretariat
TEL: 06-6464-1055 (weekdays from Tuesday to Friday /11: 00-20: 00)

About email is careful (please confirm by all means)

Capacity of mailbox of e-mail address that is used reaches the upper limit, and please be careful beforehand as you cannot receive email when trouble and menthene Nance of provider are performed

It is use in carrying, smartphone e-mail address (docomo/au/softbank)

When unwanted e-mail measures are made, there is possibility that email does not arrive normally.
I would like setting to receive transmission email of (@cerezo-sportsclub.or.jp) from this before the email transmission by all means.

    Contents about reception / refusal setting / unwanted e-mail setting of each portable company, please identify this

  • NTT Docomo
  • au
  • softbank

It is use with free mail (Gmail/Yahoo emails)

Automatic reply email is sent with application completion to e-mail address that had you input.

When email does not arrive though transmission completion message was displayed, there is error in e-mail address that was input, and possibility moved other than the reception folder including deletion or unwanted e-mail folder as unwanted e-mail is thought about.

When reception folder or unwanted e-mail folder do not have the reception of automatic transmission email, there is possibility that we cannot transmit and receive normally after the application decision after checking the contents mentioned above. In this case please contact the secretariat listed in "reference".

Application form

The name
Zip code -
Phone number (home, carrying) - -
E-mail address

■For confirmation, please input once again

Day desired

■January, 2019

■February, 2019

■March, 2019

When "it is lower than eight applicants, it should be cancellation"

Position school
Free bus ride

※Please pay only person who agreed to the following instructions item for check.


About "the handling of personal information in reservation application"

Use purposes of use purpose personal information of personal information are as follows.

  • (1) Full name of company or name
    General Cerezo Osaka gym
  • (2) Use purpose of personal information
    ・For communication of schedule on that day
    ・For school administration management
  • (3) About third party offer of personal information
    We may not offer personal information that we acquired to third party unless it depends on laws and ordinances.
  • (4) About trust of the handling of personal information
    We may entrust with all or a part of the handling of personal information that we acquired.
  • (5) Result to occur when we do not give personal information
    It is arbitrary to give personal information. When cannot provide a part of the information about personal information, of appropriate service may not provide.
  • (6) About disclosure of personal information targeted for disclosure and inquiry window
    We accept stop (we say disclosure as follows) of disclosure about personal information targeted for disclosure that we hold by request from the person, notice of use purpose, correction, addition of contents or deletion, suspension, removal and third party offer.
    Please refer to the following "references such as complaint, consultation about the handling of our personal information" for window depending on disclosure.
  • (7) The acquisition of personal information by method that the person cannot recognize easily
    We use cookie or web beacon and do and do not acquire personal information by method that the person cannot recognize easily.
  • (8) About safety management measures of personal information
    We vomit leak, loss again and, about personal information that we acquired, take necessary and appropriate measures for prevention and correction of loss, safety management of other personal information. Personal information that we acquired deletes in our office.
  • (9) Privacy policy
    Please see privacy policy of our homepage.
  • (10) References such as complaint, consultation about the handling of our personal information
General Cerezo Osaka gym
(C) CEREZO OSAKA SPORTS CLUB. All Rights Reserved.

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