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Control, dribble, kick that professional leader can use by practice tell glance of children mainly on basic technique in total individually. Control, dribble, kick that professional leader can use by practice tell glance of children mainly on basic technique in total individually.

What kind of thing are you doing at school?

  • Former J leaguer and experienced coach
    We improve technique by professional instruction

    School coach tells child of beginner carefully clearly! Of technique and technique of soccer learn, and is intended to come to like soccer more

  • Top team player visit and camping
    A lot of pleasant events

    Player of Cerezo Osaka top team with children exercise play a game, and can get advice directly, and can participate in valuable player visit and camping, event including school match that can experience!

  • We watch a game of game of Cerezo Osaka free
    We watch professional game and learn

    Game (limited to home game hosted by Cerezo Osaka) is free and can watch a game of every professional game. It is special privilege of Cerezo Osaka soccer school student that we watch professional soccer, and can learn!

Various events that are held at school

  • Soccer camping

    By training in rich natural environments, with friend to meet for the first time, plan improvement in personal technique and think that it is connected for Level Up of future children.

  • School match

    We play a game as 1 team at each school. (as for the school year mainly the upper grades, the third and fourth grades of elementary school)
    It is place showing result of everyday exercise and is event that established opportunity when we can play a game with friend practicing together.

  • Lobby kids Festa

    It is targeted for child of the kindergarten - lower grades and is good game, pleasant soccer event that is held to be able to play soccer without being particular about result.

  • Player visit

    Player belonging to Cerezo Osaka visits a school once a year in each school and is event to plan school life and interchange.

About membership fee

⇒ We revise the moon membership fee from April, 2020.
For more details, it is this

Only as for the first year enrollment fee 13,900 yen (tax-included)

As the enrollment memory

①I hand uniform ② underwear ③ stockings (two pairs).

  • Uniform
  • Underwear
  • Stockings

Moon membership fee 5,900 yen (tax-included)

When we choose 1 school, 1 course

Of plural schools and case that chose course (day)
The moon membership fee example

In the case of A) two days a week choice: 9,800 yen
5,900 yen *2 day -2,000 yen (plural discount) = 9,800 yen
In the case of B) three days a week choice: 14,700 yen
5,900 yen *3 day -3,000 yen (plural discount) = 14,700 yen
In the case of C) four days a week choice: 19,600 yen
5,900 yen *4 day -4,000 yen (plural discount) = 19,600 yen

ELITE NEXT elite next

Elite NeXT aims at elite class
Which "we want to wear individual brilliance" is school for player to "want to play an active part in team more"

With elite next, we intend for soccer acquiring technique.
We distribute class which player had and perform training toward the top than now!

ELITE CLASS elite class

Elite class the future Cerezo Osaka top team
It moves into action for the purpose of personnel training of professional football player who can play an active part in foreign countries

Elite class aims at participation to Cerezo Osaka academy (Cerezo Osaka U-15, Cerezo Osaka west U-15, Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15, Cerezo Osaka Sakai girls) and works for the purpose of upbringing of professional football player that can play an active part in not only top team of Cerezo Osaka but also foreign countries in the future, human resources.

List of schools

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