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Big one step to get closer to dream…Let's challenge!

Selection is selection examination to make academy joining an organization and the elite class enrollment.
One passed to selection, please participate in Cerezo Osaka academy player, activity of Cerezo Osaka soccer school elite class.

Age selection held inspection


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Elite class

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Q. When do you hold selection?

■When we are not announced in homepage
Holding time is undecided. As we publish news and essential point in homepage of Cerezo Osaka Sports Club as soon as it is decided, please wait. In addition, because we have a lot of same inquiries, customer each one sees evil club homepage from this regularly because we cannot give notification and hopes that we have you check.

■ When we are announced in homepage
Please confirm the date and time and place, application method.

Q. Even if elite class is not team activity, is sealing of consent of existing position team leader necessary?


Elite class is school activity (we do not do JFA player registration), but understanding of the person concerned of existing position team is necessary to be dressed in limited member for one year, and to be active.

Q. We are going to be dismissed from team belonging to, and is it necessary to get sealing of consent from leader of team now?


Please get consent mark if not dismissed from team in timing to propose to selection.

Q. I am already dismissed from team, and, in the case of independent, what should I do?

It is not necessary to have team name and leader name, consent mark anymore if dismissed from, but please list former position team name by all means.

Q. When selections of course that we want to take an entrance examination for are more than 2 courses, can you take an exam more than 2 courses?

If it is the other course, examination is possible.

Q. Do you hold selection except target school year? In addition, other than target school year, can you receive selection?

It is not held.

Please note that you cannot do selection application except target school year.

Q. Does player of elite class exempt primary selection of academy?

It is not held.

We are exempted. But Cerezo Osaka Wakayama U-15 selection, please participate from the first.

(only for the first selection, we exempt examination fee. Examination fee is necessary in the same way as general participant from the second.)

Q. When we pass selection of academy, is it necessary to pay enrollment fee again even if it is player of elite class?

Enrollment fee may not produce player of elite class again. It becomes payment only for moon fee.

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